faqFrequently-Asked Questions:

What does it mean 12 real weeks in the “Cours per Semaine”?

It means that you will use this package for 12 weeks, so if there is any period we will be closed (Christmas, Summer holidays) those weeks will not count in the package. Also if you are planning any trip during the school holidays (October, February, Easter or Summer) you can stop the package and start again it afterward.


What should we do to book an activity? 

You need to send us an email 3 days before of the day you want to come in order to prepare the material needed, confirm you there are enough places available and so on.


What is the cancellation policy? 

You need to send us an email at least 24 hours before of your reservation; otherwise, the activity will be deducted from your package.


What do you mean with “Flexible and Affordable”? 

We are flexible because we give the option to the parents to use their packages as it is more convenient for them, and also, once they buy the package if they have any change in their plans, they can modify when their children attend to our activities, so we are totally flexible!

Also, we are affordable due to our prices starts from 7.90chf per activity if you get the biggest package (Full time + lunch), much cheaper than any Crèche with personalized service and, furthermore, they will enjoy doing different activities each hour while they learn and socialize.


How do we pay our packages?

You can pay by Credit/Debit card, eBanking or in cash, as you prefer.


What do we need to book a birthday party? 

You just need to send us an email, then if we are available on the date you want, you need to fill and sign the birthday party reservation form and pay a reservation according to the Forfait you want, and then the birthday party will be booked for you! If later on, you want to upgrade the birthday party, you can do it; you just need to let us know as soon as possible. We recommend 7 days notice in order to guarantee the material and entertainers for the party.


If you have any other question and it is not mentioned above, feel free to send us an email to info@thekidsclub.ch We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!